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As some of you know I'll be going to Fredom Fighters at Fort Knox Paintball, Sept 10-11. I wanted to post up some stuff about the game, incase anyone wanted to try to make the game.

The year is 2014. The world is in a time of need and recession. A group of Unknown forces have showed up in New York. After a Brutal take over that has caused much Anguish, the world now knows that a last remanning, well armed Soviet Union group has taken over New York.

The Group is lead by General Tatarin who believes that he can save the world with his communist and socialist views. New York is just the start. But one thing that was not expected was a resistance. During the Attack, a plumber escaped and went to the sewers. Christopher now leads the Rebels Attacking the Reds with what little man power and equipment they have taken from the Reds. Chris and the others are not about to give in with out a fight.

So will you raise your flag as the Reds trying to save what’s left of the failing world, or will you fly the red, white, and blue flag as a Freedom Fighter and take back what is yours.

One day Pass $25 Field Fee (includes all day air)

Two day Pass $45 Field Fee (includes all day air)

Note: Pre-Registration ends at 10:00 PM on 9/02/2011

Don't want to Pre-Register...just show up and play.

Registration at Fort Knox day of the event:

$35 Field Fee for each day (includes all day air)

Friday 9/9

2pm Gates open for primitive camping

Download camping waiver

Day 1 (Sat.) 9/10

8am Registration Opens

11am Player Briefing

12am Game On!

3-4pm Lunch Break

4-7pm Game On!

Day 2 (Sun.) 9/11

8am Registration Opens

9:30am Player Briefing

10am Game On

12:30-1:30pm Lunch Break

1:30-3:30pm Game On

Awards and free giveaways to follow promptly after game ends up front

Everyone will get a chance to win free giveaways!

Buy any case of paint from Fort Knox or Warped Sportz (Schererville, IN) and receive a raffle ticket to win an Eclipse Etek 3 LT

$500 value!

*Need not be present to win

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RE: Fort Knox Sept 10-11 "Freedom Fighters" Big Game www.fortknoxpaintball.com

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by Soulcar • 4 Posts

Freedom Fighters Rules & Regulations

Main Goals

1.Complete missions for points and money. There will be 3 missions given to each commander every half hour of game play. Completing missions is the best way to earn points and earn money for the team. To complete the mission you must have a mission card, notify a referee in the area of your task and complete the task on it. Then have the referee sign off on it. He/She will then award the player money and call in the mission for points. The player then must return the mission card and money to the commander.

2.Capturing flag station will create points for your team. Raise your flag high in the sky to earn points. There will be 6 locations where flag stations are at. There are 3 flags which will be awarded just points, while the remaining 3 flags will award points andmoney. The locations of the 3 flags will be discussed day of game To receive points for all 6 flags the commander will have to call in when they would like a flag count. This can be done once every 30 min. If a flag count is called in twice the team will be penalized either by points.


The following equipment can be purchased by the commander or a liaison at the off field store. Use these things to help win against the opposing forces. Also the store acts a bank. If a commander needs money, they may take a loan out of half the sides points. but be warned if the debt is not settled by end of each day, the bank will take the money from the points, plus a penalty. How ever the commander may decide to invest the some of their money. If they wish to do so, they can not touch the money for a quarter.
They can choose to invest for money or points.

Medic cards

Medics are used on the field during game play to heal other players who have been hit any where but the head. Each card will have 10 heals on the card. The medic must write down the players ID number, from the ID tag, whom the medic chooses to heal. Medics must be taped with white arm band tape. Remember the hit CAN NOT be on the head, only body shots can be healed.

Law cards

To shoot a law rocket you must have a card to do so. Each card will have 5 shots. To shoot a LAW, the player must notify a referee that they are doing so. The referee will then hole punch the LAW card for a shot. The player then must hit the desired target to destroy it, eliminating all players within a structure and 5 feet from it. Remember the law can only destroy large structures (Buildings, Bridges) not bunkers. All LAW launchers must be chronod to 230fps and must be inspected by event coordinator.

Demolition Cards

A demolition card, is used to set C4 and to disable and set traps. The person carrying the card can set C4, when available, for use to blow up structures on their command. The player must notify a referee they are blowing a building. Once the building has been destroyed the player will tape the doors with supplied tape, to signal the building is no longer in play. The referee will clear the building of player inside at the time of the explosion. The card also allows the player to enter any trapped area on the field and disarm the trap. The player must notify a referee that they are entering a trapped area to disarm the trap before entering. The card has 5 hole punches to have a referee hole punch to disarm a trap. Once the card has been punched 5 times the player can no longer disable traps. The player may still use it to set C4 and traps after the 5 hole punches have been made.

Structural Engineer Cards

The Structural Engineer card can be purchased for use on the field to rebuild structures that have been blown up by C4. The player must notify a referee that they are repairing a structure. Once cleared to do so by the referee, the player can then remove the tape on the doors of the structure.

Sniper Cards

The player whom has a sniper card can use the card to pick and eliminate an opposing player of their choice. How ever the player being eliminated must be within eye site of the sniper. The sniper must notify a referee with in distance that he/she would like to snipe the person of the snipers choice. The referee will then hole punch one of the sniper shots on the card, and remove the player that the sniper chose to snipe. The sniper card has 5 shots per card.

Transport helicopters

The transport helicopter can be purchased by the commender to transport up to 10 players to any predetermined location. The helicopter must take off from the insertion point. The players will notify a referee that they are using a helicopter. The players will then put one hand on the shoulder of the player in front of them. The front player will put one hand on the shoulder of a referee. This signals that the players are not live at this time. The referee will then escort the players to the predetermined location that had been picked out by team. To land the helicopter the first passenger must first take a knee, signaling that all the passengers are live players once more. The helicopter can not be destroyed. DO NOT SHOOT AT THE PLAYERS WITH PAINTBALLS OR LAW ROCKETS, this will result in a ref punch on the ID tag. REMEMBER THAT YOU CAN NOT RUN AS FAST AS A HELICOPTER IN REAL LIFE, SO DO NOT FOLLOW THEM.

Super soldiers & Freedom Fighters

The Soviets can buy super soldiers, where the Rebels may buy Freedom Fighters. Both do the same thing. These are select people that can constantly reinsert. Each side can have up to 5 of these people. Each side must earn the right to buy Super soldiers or Freedom Fighters. For every 3 missions completed by a side, the commander may buy 1 of these people. The select few are identified by orange tape. Once bought these players are eliminated just like everyone else, they may just reinsert at any point in time.



C4 can be used only by a Demolition card holder. Use C4 to destroy buildings.

-Traps/land mines

Buy traps to slow the enemy down. Traps can only be used by demolition card holders. There are different traps available from the store. Some may eliminate players instantly or my hold them in an area.


The Rebel insertion point for the start of the game will be at Area 51. The Soviets will start at the insertion behind the chrono station. Insertion times will be every 15 minutes with a 5 minute window.

Final Battle

There will be one final battle on sunday. The battle will be held in the front fields of the POW camp and the Bridge. there will be 3 flags, 2 on the bridge, and 1 in the center of the camp. Insertion for the final battle will not change from the game. The final battle willbe the last hour of game time. The first 30 minutes will be single elimination. The last half hour will then be constant insertion.

Event producers and staff reserve the right to modify any of the above rules at any point of the game.

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